Satimage Inspection Engine

FireVision is the common engine shared by all Satimage systems. FireVision includes one digital video camera, working under the FireWire protocol, one computer, and Satimage’s Vision Software Engine, SMI.
We market FireVision separately for clients who must handle multiple photonics & laser applications and who require a multi-purpose Vision system. FireVision is also suitable for Clients who wish to develop their own applications. FireVision is the perfect core for any industrial vision application, simple or complex.
Image Quality
FireVision uses the FireWire digital video protocol, which delivers an accurate, static-free image.
FireVision automatically supports all video camera formats, including any new formats which may evolve in the future. Frame grabbers and video acquisition boards which were formerly used are thankfully now obsolete.

Hardware and software extensions to FireVision are available separately. These extensions allow you to expand the FireVision feature set as needed. Available extensions include the following:
profile readings and 3D scanning
high accuracy 2D measurements
high accuracy diascopy
interface to RS232
industrial I/O
Local user interface and remote requesting via a Web browser
FireVision fully operates the Internet Technologies.
Each layer of the user interface is now fully interactive: programming a new inspection, performing a set of measurements, customizing an inspection report, servicing, doing statistical process control.
The settings and the measurement values are stored as XML, making possible any kind of request.
From any Internet-ready PC connected to the local network, or from any machine connected to the Internet, you can remotely browse the archives and even produce inspection reports on the fly.
Final document quality
FireVision produces inspection reports and measurements summaries. All documents are of the highest quality, they are clear and they include graphics whenever it makes sense. Reports’ layouts can be customized to any extent.
Inspection report printing can be set automatic. For instance, you may want to attach to each inspected product the corresponding inspection report. View examples of inspection reports.

One of our major goals is to raise the level of awareness in the manufacturing community regarding the superb capabilities of Machine Vision technology. We will gladly discuss your application and help you select the most suitable configuration for your needs. For more information, please send e-mail to

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